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We asked our consumers to try our gluten-free pasta with a friend or family member who doesn't eat gluten-free. Here's what they had to say!

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We get it, honest reviews from honest people may not be enough for you (fake news, right?). That’s why we’re putting our pocketbook where our pasta is. Try any of our gluten-free pastas. If you don’t agree that the taste and texture lives up to your expectations, let us know. We’ll refund your pasta. No questions asked.

Taste Republic - Gluten-Free - Four Cheese Tortelloni

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James G.
United States
United States

5 Star Review
Best GF Pasta out there

Good stuff, about as close to real tortellini as I’ve found. Worth the extra cost once in a while for sure.

Abby A.
United States
United States
5 Star Review

We absolutely loved this tortellini- it is by far the best gluten free pasta we’ve ever purchased. We will definitely order again!