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Costco Is Selling
Cauliflower Linguini

When chickpea pasta first came on the scene, it cut the amount of carbs, added more protein, and proved that tasty, healthier pasta is possible. Now you can have an Italian meal with vegetables as the main dish, thanks to Taste Republic’s Cauliflower Linguini.

Taste Republic Gluten-Free Vegan Cheese Ravioli is the Best New Special Diet Food!

Take one bite of Taste Republic's Gluten Free Vegan Cheese Ravioli and we bet you won't miss the traditional take on ravioli. Taste Republic has somehow created an Italian food staple that's allergy-friendly with rich taste and seemingly perfect al dente texture when cooked.

Taste Republic Now Available at Select Costco & Walmart Stores

Gluten-free pasta company Taste Republic today announced new distribution in select Costco and Walmart stores in early 2020. Taste Republic, a Tribe 9 Foods brand, was founded when Chief Creative Officer Peter Robertson created a first-of-its-kind, fresh gluten-free pasta for a friend who was diagnosed with Celiac disease.

Taste Republic Unveils Fresh
New Look and Packaging

With the vision that food with clean, simple ingredients deserves a clean, simple design, Taste Republic recently launched fresh brand identity and that puts the focus on what they do best: Gluten-Free and Grain-Free Pasta. The new look reflects Taste Republic’s mission to revolutionize gluten-free food as part of their efforts to help build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

“We built this company on the belief that everyone deserves good food, regardless of food allergies or lifestyle, and we wanted to ensure our branding reflected that,” said Peter Robertson, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of both Taste Republic and RP’s Pasta. “We tested a variety of new packaging versus our old look, and this was a resounding winner amongst consumers.”

The clean, simple logo now features a bird, representing the company’s mission to liberate all from a taste and texture tradeoff when eating gluten-free food. A nod to Taste Republic’s commitment to transparency as a Certified B Corp, the new streamlined package offers more clear, simplified labelling so consumers can quickly identify the pastas that suit their dietary needs, values, and lifestyle.

Why America is embracing the widening world of non-wheat pastas

“If it’s not made out of wheat, it’s not pasta.”

That was fresh-pasta specialist Peter Robertson’s response when the patrons at his farmers market stand began requesting gluten-free options in the mid-2000s.

Taste Republic Launches Gluten-Free Cauliflower Pasta, a 2019 NEXTY Awards Finalist

Taste Republic, creator of market-leading gluten-free and grain-free pasta, today introduced its Taste Republic Cauliflower Linguini, a paleo-certified pasta crafted to deliver on both taste and texture.

New gluten-free pasta brand, Taste Republic, spins off from RP's Pasta Company

Taste Republic, a revolutionary new gluten-free brand, is set to land on supermarket shelves in early spring. Born in the kitchen of RP's Pasta Company, Taste Republic will first focus exclusively on gluten-free pasta varieties and include innovative additions such
as the NEXTY Awards finalist Taste Republic Plantain Linguini.