Fresh Gluten-Free Plant-Based Cheese Ravioli (6-Pack)


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Gluten-Free | Certified Plant Based

Made with brown rice flour and plant-based cheese, our NEXTY award winning Plant-Based Cheese Ravioli is crafted to deliver on both taste and texture. 

Because our ravioli is freshly made, the pasta cooks perfectly al dente in only 1-2 minutes. Toss with your favorite sauce and enjoy!

Taste Republic is on a mission to revolutionize gluten-free food. Join the movement and exercise your right to ENJOY food, without limits.




Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. We recommend 3 quarts of water per 9 oz package of Taste Republic pasta. Carefully place loosened pasta into the boiling water. Stir immediately to prevent the pasta from sticking together. Boil for 1-2 minutes or until preferred al dente texture. If frozen, place directly in the boiling water and stir to loosen the pasta. Strain, immediately toss with desired sauce and serve.


Dough: Brown Rice Flour, Water, Tapioca Starch, Green Lentil Flour, Flax Seed, Olive Oil, Xanthan Gum, Salt, Glucono delta-lactone.

Filling: Plant-Based Cream Cheese (water, coconut oil, potato starch, salt, glucono delta-lactone, natural flavor, olive extract, vitamin B12), Plant-Based Parmesan Cheese (water, potato & rice starch, modified potato starch, coconut oil, salt, rice protein, natural parmesan flavor, olive extract, beta carotene for color, vitamin B12), Plant-Based Mozzarella Cheese (water, coconut oil, modified potato & corn starch, corn starch, salt, natural mozzarella flavor, olive extract, beta carotene for color, vitamin B12), Tapioca Starch, Psyllium Husk, Potato Flakes.

*Glucono delta-lactone is a natural acidifier also found in wine

CONTAINS: COCONUT. Processed on shared equipment with milk & egg.

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